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With over 15 years experience in graphics installation and removal, Gerlach Graphics has the expertise you're looking for in any project. This includes, but is not limited to, an extensive range of capabilities and performance from 53 Foot Semi-Trailers to ADA Compliant Office Signs and everything in between. There isn't any project too big or too small, and our team always displays the utmost professionalism, so there won't be any concern of who will be showing up at your business door.

Bonus, we're 3M Preferred and Lowen Certified! Reach out to us through our Contact tab, we'd be more than elated to discuss any potential needs you might have!

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The signs and graphics we provide our clients are high quality and designed to fit your project needs. We have the industry knowledge in helping to avoid cut corners where short term gains become a more costly long term loss due to inadequate or lower quality materials used, shortening product lifespan, and requiring more regular replacement. Head over to the Contact tab, and reach out to us, we'd be more than enthused to discuss future prospects!

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We will partner with you in every capacity possible to make certain you and your business looks good while being most effective in highlighting your brand messaging. We offer a wide array of design services with limitless skills for any project you're working on in size or scale. If you have design needs, we will work with you to provide professional and unique graphics specifically designed for your project. Click on the Contact tab, and we'd be more than ecstatic to discuss any concepts you'd like us to consider!

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Gerlach Graphics is a full graphics and branding service company

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    The Company

    - Gerlach Graphics, LLC is a certified, insured and licensed company who focuses on top quality branding through installation, signage, design and print services.

    - Established in North Carolina since 2011, we are loyal to our Carolinas, but where needed, we do venture outside of these footprints to do what it takes to get a job done.

    - We are a group of highly motivated, professional individuals; Well versed with degrees held in Graphic Design, and extensive hands on experience of over 40 years combined industry exposure.

  • Values

    - Keeping your company or organizations branding and reputation at the forefront of our minds and conducted actions. We will partner with you in every capacity possible to make certain you and your business looks exceptionally reputable.

    - Striving for 100% satisfaction, and long term partnering. If our clients have concerns or want to ever discuss the best means of completing a project, we're here for you and will do what we can to make things right.

    - Recognizing that your success is also what helps to make our success'. There have been times where we've partnered with a client, who were dealing with a third party, and we've noticed unrelated to our specific job, opportunity for their business to recognize a circumstance and really shine for their third party. We always take the time to point out these opportunities to help solidify relationships and encourage future business.

    - Being very cognizant of process' in order to best showcase our clients while remaining on budget. With the expansive "front line" experience our team understands where potential hurdles may be and works to layout or design products where possible so that they're more universal. This way we are able to more easily maneuver or avoid obstacles helping to streamline implementation and in many cases save you long term money.

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